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Renewable Energy Lectures

Weekly 45-minute lectures about renewable energy.

  • 45 minutes
  • Free Weekly Lectures

Service Description

Our target audience is; - People who want to learn about wind and solar energy, - People who have never had contact with renewable energy, - People who already have solar energy and want to make their systems hybrid with wind turbines to produce energy day and night throughout the year, - People who want to resell and/or install wind turbines. Basic Wind Energy Course covers these areas: Module 1: Types of Wind Turbines Module 2: Flexible Solar Panels Module 3: On Grid, Off Grid connections and Hybrid connections Module 4: Assembly, installation, and calculation of energy generation estimate Certificate of participation for those who complete the 4 modules. For the complete course, you must book the 4 modules. The classes can cover these issues too; - What do I need for the installation? - Power graphs: The max wind speed for the wind turbine to generate power and what to do during a storm happens - Integration to the solar system - Real time examples and ROI

Upcoming Sessions

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