This Wind turbine has good features but needs QC engineer in charge.

I want the Tesup companies to succeed. It is not Chinese.

Problems: The controller came with one of the heat dissipation coils disconnected, mounting clamps with missdrilled holes, some internal missing bolts. I had to machine the turbine mounting flange to fit the shaft. Etc.

Positive: The turbine really can produce 1000 W in a 40 km/hr wind. The brake system gracefully stops the turbine from inside the home. Maybe the alternator is made in China. I hope not. At any rate, it is well designed and made.

Conclusion: If you want your company to prosper, hire a quality control engineer with absolute authority to fire assemblers who cannot or will not learn their jobs.

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My name is Gareth. I am a Director at IGR Green ( in Madrid. We have recently used some of TESUP equipments on our projects in Spain with considerable success. #tesup #windturbines