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Types of turbines at TESUP

Have you ever wondered what the difference between types of wind turbines are? Why TESUP provides a range of different shaped wind turbines and what the benefits of each type are? Hopefully this blog post should help shed some light on the problem!

Wind turbines are generally sorted into two types based on their orientation. The first type is a Horizontal axis wind turbine (or HAWT), this means the wind turbine rotates around a horizontal axis. The new Magnum 5 TESUP turbine is an example of a HAWT (among others).

The second type of turbine is a Vertical axis wind turbine. Unsurprisingly this is a wind turbine that rotates around a vertical axis. TESUP’s very popular Atlas2.0 turbine is a great example of this turbine type.

Within each of these orientations there are several designs that involve different blade shapes to capture the wind’s energy in different ways.

HAWTs mostly use a lift-based design. The turbine blades are shaped as aerofoils, similar to the shape of an aeroplane wing. When wind blows across them they generate a lift force in the direction of rotation of the wind turbine, spinning it and generating power. HAWTs need to face into the wind to generate power which is why TESUP HAWTs have a tail which aligns the turbine with wind direction.

VAWTs do not have this problem. They can generate power in whatever direction the wind is travelling. TESUP VAWTs are drag type turbines. This means the frictional forces of the wind blowing against the turbine drive the turbine rotation. The curved surfaces of TESUP turbines help to better capture the wind, increasing efficiency. As the area capturing air is large in VAWTs, they have the advantage of being able to spin under low wind speed conditions.

Hopefully this gives a little insight into wind turbine types!

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