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Total energy generation from TESUP products worldwide

Ever wondered how much of an impact TESUP really has on renewable energy generation across the world? Well wonder no more! In this blog post we will check in to see how much energy the thousands of TESUP wind turbines are generating in their respective homes around the globe!

In total TESUP turbines could be producing 3,800,000 Watts of electricity over any given second! That amounts to a staggering 3.8 MWh per hour, 90.9 MWh per day and 33.2 GWh per year!

To give a bit of context to such large numbers. That amount of electricity could power Denmark with a bit of energy to spare! It could also be used to meet the electricity demands of 12,296 average European households!

Sustainable power generation is important to TESUP, we want to compare the amount of fossil fuels that would have to be burned to generate this power. It would take 3800 natural gas generators with a power rating of 1000kW to keep up with the power produced by TESUP wind turbines. These generators would have to burn 382 cubic meters every second of natural gas to run at full capacity!

By generating power using TESUP products, our customers have helped reduce global emissions by 840.4 kg of CO2 every second! If you look at this value over the course of a year this would amount to 26,500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide! An impressive number indeed and that isn't even mentioning the reduction in other pollutants!

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