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Have you met Atlas X7?

Tesup AtlasX wind turbine has been updated. Meet Atlas X7!

Tesup AtlasX has a low vibration and low noise vertical axis wind generator. It has the lowest starting wind speed and a larger wind catchment area. Its compact shape enables wind turbines to generate electricity at lower wind speeds. It already has durable, stable and light rotor blades.

Now it has a more powerful and efficient generator! And even easier to mount it with the new frame! A frame is used for easier mounting of the wings. With this frame it is really easy to keep the wings in line to fit the upper flange.

The colour is also changed to a cool grey which looks really cool! The mounting tabs on the wings have been extended and widened to simplify and secure installation.

All you need to do is to assemble your wind turbine following each step in the installation form. After mounting the pole, you need to put the new frames, then you will mount each blade to the frame which makes the blades stand still. The flange holds the wings more firmly.

The total installation process will only take 30 minutes. Now you can enjoy generating clean energy with high developed performance wind turbines.

We work hard to make you feel more comfortable everytime and we will never give up doing it!

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