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Did you know those 30 facts..?

Panemone Windmill is the very first wind turbine.

Wind turbines go back to the 7th century and the first wind turbine was built in Persia, now Iran.

Vertical wind turbines are thought to be the most modern wind turbines but contrary to what is known they are first models of wind turbines.

First wind turbine connected to the grid was in the UK, in 1951.

Tesup wind turbines generate 3,8 MWh per hour, 90,9 per day and 33,2 TWh per year which is enough to feed all of Croatia and Iceland.

Tesup wind turbines have the lowest relative greenhouse gas emissions, the least water consumption demands and the most favorable social impacts.

Magnum5 generates 5200W energy per hour, and operates even more silently than a vacuum cleaner 35dB at max power (vacuum cleaner sounds 70dBs).

MasterX generates 1000W per hour and starts rotation at wind speeds of 3m/s.

Atlas4.0 and AtlasX wind turbines generate 4000W per hour.

You can calculate how much energy you produce on our website.

Tesup solar panels are flexible and you can step on them while the others in the market are not flexible.

Vertical wind turbines do not need a mounting pole as long as you have a flat surface.

You can calculate your energy consumption so net energy in on-grid (home)connection.

You need a Tesup wind turbine + charge controller + battery + battery inverter for off grid connection.

You can become energy insufficient with an off grid system.

Hybrid system means that you can connect to the grid and to the battery contrary to what is known as wind turbines and solar panels.

You can connect your wind turbine and solar panel to the system with two mppt (input) inverters.

Our magnum5 produces 5kw per hour and it is our biggest wind turbine.

First solar panel made in 1883, iUSA.

Tesup solar panels have 50% efficiency.

Solar PV produces clean and carbon free energy silently.

Tesup solar panels are made of a special type of PV panels and allow flexibility and waterproof design.

Tesup solar panels are shaped anywhere that they are put.

They only weigh 2 kgs and are really thin at 1,39mm.

The efficiency of Tesup solar panels is above market with 21% efficiency while the average in market is 15.

1m2 of solar panels can produce 205W per hour.

The lifespan of our PVC is over 10 years.

Solar can be recycled if they are decomposed directly.

You can send Tesup solar panels to us. We use disposable materials again.

You can join our loyalty program by purchasing 5 wind turbines.

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