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Aug 16, 2022

Wow! TESUP is now a member of West London Business!

The manufacturer of domestic Wind Turbines and Flexible solar panels, TESUP, is a leader in 30 countries making doorstep deliveries with local warehouses, offices and employees with HQ in London. We are excited to start the manufacturing of Flexible Solar Panels in London. Our common aim with West London Business is to support the sustainable development of London. New climate challenges now require technologies that will help to achieve net zero emissions. Powering your home with wind turbines and solar panels is the right green way to see greener London. Organizing irrigation projects in London parks, charging your Electric Vehicle and stopping global warming. TESUP's robust renewable energy system in your property could provide electricity and profits for many years to come and help you offset the cost of your heating, lights, transport in electric vehicles, you name it! Far into the future, all while being more sustainable and reducing your impact on the planet. For example, a Magnum 5 turbine generates 5000 Watts per second when spinning under its rated wind speed of 15 meters per second. This means at full capacity, the turbine generates 120 kWh over 24 hours. For reference, the average UK household uses approximately 3300 kWh per year. With the help of TESUP Wind Turbines and Flexible Solar panels 219 000 000 000 kWh of electricity is produced annually already throughout the globe. "In 10 years, we plan to be in 10 percent of homes Worldwide”- Başar Onur Mesci, Director in TESUP Group of Companies. TESUP has an extreme desire to contribute to the sustainable development of London and together with West London Business reach our common viable plans.

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