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Assan Aluminium is going into TESUP products!


Apr 10, 2022

Reliable supplier

TESUP has always strived to make its products as high quality as possible. Making products, in house allows TESUP to control the quality of the products it ships out, building TESUP’s reputation as a forefront provider of domestic wind turbines. To support this in house production TESUP needs to have an excellent quality supplier, providing good quality materials to make components from. This involves many different components and raw materials totalling more than 200 different raw components and materials going into each TESUP wind turbine. One of the most important and most used materials in TESUP products is Aluminium. This material, usually in the form of sheets, is used to manufacture and create many of the bodies, shells and blades of TESUP turbines.

Benefits of the new materials

This material is a great choice for application to wind turbines due to its excellent strength to weight ratio. This means the material can support a lot of force without bending whilst also having a relatively low density when it comes to metals. In a turbine this means the strength needed to properly generate power from wind energy can be achieved with lighter components. Lighter components mean the turbine has a smaller moment of inertia (which is a physical property of a system calculated by mass multiplied by distance from the centre of rotation).

This essentially means the turbine spins much more easily than an equivalent turbine manufactured from steel for example, while having a similar level of strength. In fact this excellent strength to weight ratio is the reason why aluminium and its alloys are used so frequently in the aircraft industry and in the chassis of rockets. Coupled with this, the abundance of aluminium ores in the earth’s crust makes it a relatively inexpensive material to use. Helping to reduce the cost of TESUP wind turbines to you, the customer.

The inside of a rocket fuel tank, the walls are made from aluminium alloy! (

Reliable supplier

TESUP has been using aluminium materials in its products for a while now, so you ask, what is the news? Well as I am sure you could tell from the title of this blog TESUP has some exciting news! TESUP will now be partnering with Assan Aluminium to supply TESUP with all of its aluminium needs into the future! Assan Aluminium is the second largest aluminium manufacturer and supplier in Europe, meaning the company has a great wealth of experience in the supply of aluminium and how to effectively create the important metal.

This is a very exciting new development for TESUP, as the company grows it is important to ensure the supply chains for producing TESUP wind turbines are strong and have plenty of room to grow to keep up with the increasing demand TESUP has seen over the past few years. TESUP is sure that Assan Aluminium will be a great fit for the future needs of TESUP manufacturing capabilities. Through the company’s prestigious position as one of the most prolific aluminium producers in the world a history of reliable supply has been shown by the company.

Production capacity increase

This is great news for TESUP, with various global events and crises occurring over the past few years, some suppliers have struggled to maintain a proper and consistent supply of their raw materials to various industries across the world. This has been an issue for TESUP. With an increased demand for TESUP domestic wind turbines as interest in renewable energy grows in popularity and energy prices of grid electricity rise astronomically, unreliable suppliers have caused issues with supplying all of the 200 raw materials that go into making a TESUP wind turbine.

This has unfortunately led to several delays in TESUP manufacturing and delays of customers receiving their TESUP wind turbines from time to time. However with Assan Aluminium as a new TESUP supplier, TESUP has much more confidence that the supply chain will be uninterrupted. After all Assan Aluminium has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of Aluminium! That is 1km worth of Aluminium foil every single minute! That really is a great capacity for production and the reason Assan Aluminium is the second largest aluminium producer in Europe.

The certification board of Assan Aluminium’s green credentials. Assan Aluminium also boasts some good renewable and green credentials, something TESUP, as a renewable energy company, is always looking for in its suppliers. TESUP recognises that to create a brighter future for everyone in the world, all stages of the production process should be made green and renewable. Assan Aluminium takes this on board with its manufacturing facilities. The company has recently achieved a certification in global sustainability performance from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). This indicates the company has been certified, through an onsite inspection of practising sustainability in its governance, social aspects and environmental considerations. This involves the company offsetting its Scope 2 emissions (emissions produced not by the company but by producers of the electricity used to heat cool and run the buildings owned by Assan Aluminium) with onsite renewable energy production. As well as a marked reduction of its carbon footprint through the use of in house recycling, high specification emission filtration systems and energy efficiency projects. In fact the company has set aside 95 million US dollars to develop a number of sustainability and energy efficiency projects over the next three years! Have a look at some more details of Assan Aluminium’s sustainability plans here! ( It is great to see a company so dedicated to sustainability. TESUP is excited to work with Assan Aluminium to produce many TESUP wind turbines in the future!

Sunny and Windy Regards,


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