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Making a Positive Impact on Society and the Environment


At TESUP, we recognize that educating children about renewable energy is crucial for shaping their values and inspiring them to make sustainable choices. We actively fund social responsibility projects and provide solar panels to schools like The Vineyard School in England, offering hands-on experiences and showcasing the benefits of renewable energy.

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Renewable Energy Aid

We go beyond financial contributions and extend support to areas affected by natural disasters. We provide clean energy products to earthquake zones, aiding in the restoration of energy infrastructure and facilitating a greener recovery process.

Sustainability From Production to Packaging

We educate and encourage our staff to adopt sustainable practices in their lives. We strive to minimise our environmental impact through various sustainable practices and avoid non-recyclable materials and opt for plywood boxes. We digitalise user manuals through QR codes to reduce paper consumption and contribute to the fight against deforestation.

Supporting UNICEF

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond renewable energy education. We actively support UNICEF’s work in emergencies and humanitarian contexts worldwide. Our aim is to provide critical life-saving assistance during crises. We demonstrate our dedication to helping the most vulnerable children around the globe.

Empowering Youth

TESUP is committed to nurturing the talents of young athletes and promoting physical and mental well-being through sports. We support the development of aspiring athletes of Kerem Gonlum Basketball Academy in London, fostering a culture of excellence and personal growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

With an impressive 85% of its office-based employees being women, we recognize the importance of gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Through our inclusive approach, we try to set an example in corporate responsibility , equity and creating a workplace culture that celebrates diversity.

Going 100% Green by 2025

We are committed to practising what we preach when it comes to renewable energy. By the end of 2025, we plan to become 100% energy independent, ensuring that our workshops and operations are powered solely by green energy sources. TESUP’ is dedicated to lead by example and lead the transition to clean energy.

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Our Progress - Without Numbers (4x).png
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